Old Catholic Apostolic Church
Bishop Adrian (Mar Trimlett)Veritas et ScientiaThe Rt. Revd. Adrian Glover OCR, OSJ,  - Mar Trimlett    
Presiding Bishop and Ordinary of Dumnonia & Wessex, UK
Pastor General of the Cross-Denominational Mission.
General Secretary of The Independent Catholic Churches Council.
President of the Order of St Joseph.

Bishop Adrian was formerly an ordained Overseer of the Apostolic Faith Church, a position equivalent to that of bishop. He had been in post since 1998, having been ordained in 1996. He was subconditionally ordained to the minor orders, diaconate and priesthood by Mar Andreas in 2008. Made Vicar General in May 2008 and given the title Monsignor. He was elected to the Episcopate at Holy Island in June 2009, and consecrated at Golders Green London in September 2009.
He has special responsibility for the Cross-Denominational Mission, an organisation set up to promote co-operation and shared understanding among the various denominations of Christ's Church, and which has developed into an extensive online directory of useful resources, links and information. As such he is extremely active in ecumenical outreach, and is a popular visiting preacher in Southern England. 

Bishop Adrian is also General Secretary of the Independent Catholic Churches Council, a gathering of independent catholic churches, some in intercommunion, some not, but all engaged in ecumenical outreach under the Bonn Agreement of 1931. Bishop Adrian is also a member of the United Free Catholic Bishops Conference  and received the Order of Corporate Reunion.

He is privileged to lead and support clergy in their serving and takes an active interest in 'church for the unchurched', helping the needy and homeless as well as preaching the gospel.

on the altar, St Michaels 

The Oratory of St Michael and All Angels
The Oratory of St Michael and All Angels is a private chapel which is open (by invitation) to members of the public. 

  • Sundays 4pm: Eucharist (often Liberal Rite). We use incense and ring hand bells.
  • Thursday 8pm: House of Prayer.
  • Thanksgiving Services, and Prime, Matins, Terce, Sext and Complin are occasionally held.
  • Holy Days are always honoured as are some Saints Days.