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Msgr Anthony Guadialardo, OCAC US founderThe Old Catholic Apostolic Church in the United States started in 2008, when the Late Monsignor Anthony Guadialardo (of blessed memory) joined our movement from the Roman Catholic Church. Having been an RC priest all his life, he left to express his serving in a liberal environment so he would be free to have a late life relationship with someone that he had known since childhood. It is difficult to express just how much he did for our church in creating the work which continues today, and which has seeded other churches on the way. After Msgr Tony's untimely death due to surgical complications, Bishop Jack Stafford took on the mantle and led our church in the US which quietly grew for a couple of years. Bishop Jack left to resume a maritime career and we appointed Monsignor Edmund Cass to lead our work in the US. There followed a period of considerable growth attributed in part to +Cass: other bishops and communions joined, and the Patriarch (Mar Trimlett) travelled to the US and consecrated Bishop Cass and others in 2012. In 2013 most of the church in the US broke away to form another church. Whilst disappointing, we know that if God is in it, it is a church seeding. 

Today, the work is the same as the first day when Msgr Tony started it off for us: to be a relevant Christian outreach church; a body of Christ that enables and empowers people to serve as they are called; relevant for today, yet with the benefit of heritage; alive because Christ lives in us; spiritually aware and keen to serve. We are small numbers in the US, and hoping for new people to join; could it be you?

Bishop ad tempus Rt Revd Allen Jones - Canada.

Friar Aspen - Priest.
Friar Aspen - PriestFriar Aspen is priest in Port Orchard, Washington

Revd. Fr. T Gilbert Wilkins - Priest
Fr. Wilkins - PriestFr. Wilkins is priest in Maryland.

The Patriarch, Bishop Adrian Trimlett-Glover
Bishop Allen Jones
Msgr. Anthony Guadialaro
Revd. Will Pritchard

Please note: there are other churches in the United States who are also called 'Old Catholic Apostolic Church'. They are not connected with our church, but share the same heritage and successions.