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Adveniat Regnum Tuum...Thy Kingdom Come

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The church is a 'family' and families have family trees. The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a significant branch of the church that derived from the Roman Catholics who separated to form the 'Old Catholics of Utrecht'. Many of their successors embraced a liberality and openess which was successful in creating the 'Liberal Catholic' churches. Our church is related to them all through our 'family tree' and the coming together of Liberal Catholic, Old Catholic and apostolic churches which led to the OCAC of today.

We are a small church yet have a prescence on every continent of the world. It is not our task to be a smaller version of any other church: we have a distinct role to play, in our own right. This means that we work with and alongside all other churches and we share with them Christ's work. It also means that there are spiritual areas where we are better placed than other churches to act, and we rejoice that God gives us the priviledge to do so. Every single one of our people has an active expression of ministry, of serving. We are a sacramental church, celebrating in each of our chapels and oratories regularly; but we do this so that Christ's power can be brought through each of our people into the active serving they do: Street Pastors, Chaplains, Christian Broadcasters, Preaching, Visiting and so on.  Some have criticised us because our congregation numbers are low. They miss the point: it is our active expression of ministry which matters...not how many listen to a sermon: we are all servants....

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is non-dogmatic in nature, traditional yet relevant for today, and is open to the insights of all faiths and philosophies. Open to everyone, of all sexualities and none, this openness means that the OCAC has a unique spiritual character and appeal, and that its mission reaches beyond conventional boundaries to embrace a genuine universality. We see our work as firmly grounded in the wish of Jesus Christ that His church strive to attain unity in the face of its differences, and so conceive the OCAC as a primarily ecumenical mission church.

The OCAC derives its Apostolic Successions from the historic Churches of the East and West, and can trace those successions through multiple lines right back to the first Apostles. The OCAC has significant ties with the historic Old Catholics and Liberal Catholic movement and is spiritual protector of the worldwide Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship. OCAC is a worldwide church and has a small but significant presence on every continent.

The Old Catholic Apostolic Church is a member of the Independent Catholic Churches Council. Many of its members are part of the Independent Liberal Catholic Fellowship and its bishops are members of the United Free Catholic Bishops Conference. To contact OCAC cleck here or go to the Contact Us page.